Monday, July 16, 2007

Purple always wins!

Of course you had to know that given the choice between vacuuming and playing with purple ink, that purple ink will always win! This is written using a ruling pen, very cool, but still learning how to use it.

I've been studying this piece of work that I started at Summer School in Winter, a week-long calligraphy programme put on by the Calligraphy Society of Victoria. Frustration is written using a drinking straw (who needs expensive tools) dipped in gouache. I wasn't happy with the composition of the capitals and I'm thinking about re-doing it. When I photographed it and tried to fix the lighting levels, my programme turned it green (it's on Arches CP paper, which is cream). I decided to save the photo this colour because I actually think it looks good. I think more funky capitals, moved closer to the middle, and some green spattered using a toothbrush should improve the effect. Will keep you posted on how it works out.

A great weekend was had by all in our household. Andrew won tennis, which is very important when you're playing for sheep stations!! Only two matches left and then it's the finals. Auntie Jenni taught the boys more climbing tricks, like I they need much help! Lets make this a good week!


one little acorn said...

Beautiful work - looking forward to seeing more.

John & Natalie said...

yes - any time I have to choose betwen vacuuming and anything else, I choose anything else too! Beautiful lettering oh creative one and the boys are growing quickly!