Friday, July 13, 2007

Fantastic Friday

Welcome to fantastic Friday! Fantastic because I have playgroup in the morning, which means a chance to chat with other Mums and to share our toddlerdom experiences, and Bailey and Nathan have fun playing with different toys and learning to play with other boys and girls. I promise to post photos showing their faces, although it is difficult to get them together. At the moment every time I get the camera out Bailey wants me to take a photo of Bob (the Builder) and Nathan tries to grab it from me, so I get a lot of photos with hands over lenses and boys in and out of shots.

Yesterday had the desire to draw, but what to draw, what to draw. Often by the time I've made up my mind B&N have woken up and I haven't done anything. Yesterday decided graphite and raspberry would do the trick. Raspberries are my favourite berry, although I love the others as well (hence the blog name!). Still have some issues with my shading and don't think I've ever noticed that certain parts of a raspberry resemble a certain bottom part of the human appendage! Or, is that just me and my problem to deal with?

Still have about 45 minutes before B&N wake up, what to do . . . empty the vacuum cleaner so I can vacuum . . . or play with this really cool new Sennelier purple ink I've just bought . . . . mmmm choices, choices . . .


Amy said...

Good Morning, Karen, and welcome to blogging. I linked to you from Kal Barteski's site - isn't she just a.m.a.z.i.n.g!! Love the photo of your toddlers - my girls are all grown and I often miss those peeks out the window. Enjoy your day. A

Kal said...

Hurray! You have a blog! Hurray! That's so awesome. I' have just added you to my bookmarks and will see you here everyday about this time.

Triple Arm Pump to you!