Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finals Fever

Well finals fever has hit Melbourne-town. The Brownlow last night and the parade on Friday through the city and then the big day on Saturday, then it'll be cricket and tennis getting us through the weekend.

Sadly (or not) Collingwood could not find that one extra goal needed to beat Geelong. I ended up going to the footy (thanks Mum for twinsitting) and meeting Andrew in the city. As you can see by the pics the seats were excellent, very close to the boundary line on the ground level. 98,002 people saw this epic struggle and I must say it was a great and well fought out match. There's always next year for Collingwood . . . although I'm sure it's St. Kilda's turn!!

This is my finished frangipani, signed and delivered to a very happy almost 12-year-old. Her pink party is all planned and this just fits right in. I was not unhappy with the end result and may consider doing acyrlics on canvas into the future. I find I'm a bit more willing to experiment with my painting and am really only trying to please myself, instead of that mythical person yelling instructions over my shoulder.
Well I have about 30 more minutes of twin silence and need to make Daddy a birthday card for his big day tomorrow. Not an '0' birthday yet . . . that's for next year!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Go Sainters!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it's sad, but true, I am actually displaying something in Black and White colours relating to Collingwood instead of Black, White and Red and relating to St. Kilda. I have the sad misfortune to be married to a Collingwood supporter who as luck would have it scored himself tickets for tonights Preliminary Final. Now in reality I think Geelong will continue their crushing ways and beat the Wobbles, but you can never discount the appearance of a handbag or two.

Sadly, due to a lack of twinsitter availability lucky Mummy will have to watch the game on the box instead of with the other expected 100,000 maniacs at the G, now if this doesn't tell the AFL something then nothing well, because as it stands tonight's game will most likely have more people attending than at the Grand Final - unless by some miracle CWFC wins.

While we're having a sporting blog, well done to the Matildas in drawing 2-2 with Canada and advancing to the Quarter Finals of the FIFA Women's World Cup - they'll now probably play Brazil.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Full Steam Ahead

On Sunday 16th September Andrew and I and the boys and my parents headed to our local train station where a steam train was travelling between Mitcham and Camberwell for the day. I don't know who was more excited, Bailey and Nathan or Andrew! Into Camberwell the train was chockers - much like peak hour - but on the way back to Mitcham it was less crowded meaning we could wander around, look out the windows and enjoy sitting in an old-time cabin. By the end of the trip Andrew had more soot in his hair than the train was giving out, Bailey and Nathan came home and slept for over three hours and a great time was had by all of us. Mum and Dad were so impressed they're off next Thursday from Southern Cross Station to Bacchus Marsh.

This week hasn't been my most favourite of weeks. Nathan has been sick and unable to chew or swallow. Understandably he's been very irritable, unhappy and crying a lot (and I mean a lot!). Today we seem to have turned the corner and he's been happier, eating and drinking without pain so hopefully we'll have a better next few days than the last few were.

My frangipani for Taylah's birthday next week is coming along nicely. It's been sitting on the mantle for the last week so that I could try and work out what I didn't like about it. Yesterday Dad and I discussed it and decided that two of the petals were too big and dominated the rest of the flower. So I'm in the process of tweaking these naughty petals and will hopefully have it finished ready for next will. Will photograph and post so you can tell me what you think.

I've had lots of time to think while I've been nursing Nathan on my knee this week and my mind is buzzing about possibilities. I plan to attend some information nights at Monash Uni to look at the possibility of doing a Post Grad in Art & Design. There are two I'm interested in finding out 'Theory of Art and Design' and 'Design/Multimedia and Digital Arts'. Not sure where this will take me but I'm no hurry to find out.

I'm also thinking about moving Purple Berry Design from the blog to the world and start it as a business. My heart wants to sell my cards, my artwork and my head says that Desk Top Publishing will most likely make more money. So I think I'll just do both and that way I'm more likely to satisfy my conflicting desires. We'll be seeing the accountant next week to discuss implications for tax, etc. This is my chance I think to do what I love doing rather than what I had been doing (Instructional Design) prior to having munchkins. It's starting to take shape in my mind now and I just need a little bit of confidence and a little kick along to move it along further.

Will hopefully post a bit more often now that Nathan is looking better.

Friday, September 7, 2007

lavender blue

I'm really just a point and shoot photographer who plays with the settings on the slick new camera I just bought. Having said that I'm very happy about how this one turned out.

Have a serious case of the CBFs (can't be . . . .) today when I have loads that I should or could be doing. Who knows what causes it, but I've got a really bad case. I couldn't even be bothered surfing the net, now that's saying something!!

All is silent in this wonderful house and I'm loving it while I can get it.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

give thanks

Sometimes in the hurry and dash of everyday life, in the effort to get through what needs to be done and in our effort to make sure we are doing the right thing (whatever that is) we forget to give thanks for what we have been given. Often I have to remind myself that I am blessed to have two gorgeous boys, that they are only two and a half and that there is plenty of time for them to become big boys. When I see photos like this, playing peek-a-book through the easel, I am reminded big time and so I give thanks for the blessings you see.

In my last post I gave the wrong url for redbubble so I'm having another go. Amazing how one little typo can bring things undone. There's some seriously cool stuff on this website and it's worth taking a look. Another one I got off Kal's blog is Andrea Waines jewellery design, I'm trying to find out if they ship to the land of Oz because I've got my eye on one that says 'Color outside the lines', love it! love it! love it! . . . . Andrew are you taking any notice of this???

Until next time remember to give thanks.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's day and to celebrate I created the scrapbook page on canvas, with a great photo of Andrew with Bailey and Nathan. This will have pride of place at Andrew's desk. The decorated sayings were created by Bailey and Nathan with mummy's help.
It was a good weekend all around. Saturday we caught up with our friend Sonja and saw Die Hard 4. I love Bruce Willis in Die Hard mode. It was soooooo funny, I love that that don't take themselves seriously, and that John McLean has rubber bones and teflon skin!!
Sunday as well as being Father's Day was Lachlan's (son of our friend Megan and Steve) first birthday. A very important birthday to attend. Two hours up to Ballarat, lots of fun for a couple of hours and then two hours back. Bailey and Nathan had lots of fun and lots of cake!! It was a glorious day yesterday and everywhere we looked it was a sea of blue meeting green rolling hills. Ballarat was true to form . . . cold!! But definitely worth the visit.
Been checking out my sister Jenni's photos on this really cool website - Photo of the Day, you can check out her photos here if you like. Another really cool website is redbubble, which is an online gallery of work for sale. I've been thinking of creating an account and uploading some artwork there just to see what happens. Trying to break though some fear barriers that I think are holding me back. Every day I push just a little bit more.
Fantastic week ahead, got the new Oprah mag on Friday and the new CK mag today. That's lots of reading fun to be had in the next few days. The last few issues of Oprah have been tying in with thoughts that have been bouncing around my brain, it's definitely worth subscribing from the US, love it and think Oprah is fanatastic.
I have a tip for all bloggers - don't cook rice while updating your blog! Luckily I remember the rice just in time to save the saucepan and the rice - doh!