Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finals Fever

Well finals fever has hit Melbourne-town. The Brownlow last night and the parade on Friday through the city and then the big day on Saturday, then it'll be cricket and tennis getting us through the weekend.

Sadly (or not) Collingwood could not find that one extra goal needed to beat Geelong. I ended up going to the footy (thanks Mum for twinsitting) and meeting Andrew in the city. As you can see by the pics the seats were excellent, very close to the boundary line on the ground level. 98,002 people saw this epic struggle and I must say it was a great and well fought out match. There's always next year for Collingwood . . . although I'm sure it's St. Kilda's turn!!

This is my finished frangipani, signed and delivered to a very happy almost 12-year-old. Her pink party is all planned and this just fits right in. I was not unhappy with the end result and may consider doing acyrlics on canvas into the future. I find I'm a bit more willing to experiment with my painting and am really only trying to please myself, instead of that mythical person yelling instructions over my shoulder.
Well I have about 30 more minutes of twin silence and need to make Daddy a birthday card for his big day tomorrow. Not an '0' birthday yet . . . that's for next year!

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