Friday, February 22, 2008

Finished some work - finally!

Calligraphy done on an A3 watercolour background. Ink mixed to my own colours. Script is Italic in the blue and Roman capitals in the pink.

Flower Fairy - A3 watercolour background distressed with table salt. Coloured pencil and pen and ink drawing. Still deciding if I want to do some calligraphy on the original.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting up-to-date

Aren't these two of the most gorgeous boys you've ever seen!! Nuf said.

I did this for my cousin-in-law Jane and I understand it's now hanging in the bathroom. I have an order to do another frangipani tryptych similar to this and I'm also working on a vertical tryptych of a lotus flower. I like the smallness of the canvasses and giving them to my family and friends helps me practise my painting skills. Eventually if I can get a few done in reserve I'd like to try and sell them on ebay or at a market.

Went away recently for a girly weekend with the girls from my playgroup. Two kid-free nights, lots of champagne and food and a good cry!!! A luxurious pedicure ended with some pink toes, that still look good. I love being pampered.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Progressing on PS

I've been trying to work out for ages how to extract my lettering that I have scanned in from it's background. With a little help from my sister and Victoria Pittman I have finally worked out a way of doing it. This is my first try, using stuff I had already done. I'm excited about how this process can be used, especially for my cardmaking. Add to this that my bestest Dad has recently bought me some Chinese pointed brushes and black ink so that I can practise my brush lettering, the possibilities are endless. I'll post when I get something worth posting!
Haven't blogged for awhile and have a heap of photos that need to be downloaded from my camera. Once this is done will post a presis of my last couple of weeks. Have some excellent photos of Bailey and Nathan, been trying to take photos by stealth because everytime I get the camera out they want to look at the LCD screen at the back. They learn very quickly!