Friday, August 31, 2007

The return of feral Friday

Maybe it was the lunar eclipse, maybe it's the god-awful wind that's whipping around us at the moment, whatever the reason, today saw the return of feral Friday. If you get eight two and a half year olds together you're bound to get some feral-ness, but today was impressive; with hitting, pushing and biting all appearing. My two weren't so bad, Nathan was a clingon, meaning he was attached to my leg almost permanently and Bailey was in what I call 'watching and waiting mode', just happy to watch what the other kids were doing.

This is my work-in-progress pink frangipani. It's my first foray into acrylic on canvas and I'm not unhappy with what's happened so far. It needs a bit more definition and fine tuning, but with this one, being done for my goddaughter's twelfth birthday, I'm in no hurray, just happy to see how it evolves. Thanks to Kal again for inspiring me to move my art in different and untried directions. She's good like that!

Apart from that trying to do a Father's day card and a 1st birthday card and lacking inspiration for both, the more you push the less it works, so I've stepped back for awhile and will let my brain unfold a design for each.

Off to a lingerie party tonight and there will be champagne - it's all good!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Where's the week gone?

I can't believe it's been a week since I last blogged. It's been a very full on week, lots of things to do, lots of visitors, not a lot of time for me to do anything on the PC front. This pic was taken last Sunday on a walk around the block. Bailey and Nathan love to sit on every fence we come to. This one is on a busy road so there were lots of cars zooming past.

Have finally bought a digital SLR, the new Pentax 100D Super - very cool, especially since all of my existing Pentax lenses work. Still working on how to get the best photos and playing with some of the automatic scene settings. It has one for taking close ups of text, how cool is that for a calligrapher that loves to take photos of text - it was meant to be!!!

Had a very profitable night last night at a Trivia Night for the kindergarten in our playgroup centre. Shrek 2 DVD, pass to Hedgend Maze, $45 haircut! Didn't win but had lots of fun.

Today has been a lazy kind of day, Daddy is on twin duty, which means Mummy gets a bit of time to herself. Planning some painting of some sort this afternoon. Need to finish my calligraphied fan for calligraphy class on Tuesday (this week we start Copperplate - (very scared!).

Learned how to make a brush in PhotoShop this week, and was able to make a brush from my calligraphy, which means I can then 'paint' directly onto one of my pictures when I'm making a card. I'm sure there are hundreds of other uses as well. I'm still working on cropping to size, not exactly sure that I'm doing it right. But I love learning new stuff, it makes my world go round.

If anyone is out there, please let me know you're reading me.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Here's the thanks!

Here's the thanks card I talked about in my previous post. I've just spent half an hour trying to upload this and the formatting on the text kept going haywire, very very frustrating!!!


One look into these beautiful (and very different) big blue eyes and nothing else seems to matter. Playgroup was a godsend this morning and the girls in my group are amazingly supportive and loving. It's just the best when you know you have a shoulder to cry on and that shoulder is going through pretty much what you are.

This has really been my only artwork this week, unless you count practising Pointed Italic in Calligraphy class this week. Specs for this card: ruling pen in Sennelier purple ink, scanned and printed on mulberry paper, which has then been 'artistically' ripped and stuck to a metallic bronze card, which has been glammed up with holographic gold glitter - I love my glitter.

Think I have finally decided on an DSLR to buy - Pentax 100D Super - mainly because I already have a number of compatible lenses and filters, which reduces costs. My existing MZ-5N is fantastic and I've read some great reviews on the 100D Super. Now just need to lay by and pay it off.

Weekend looks good with Andrew playing off in the section final on Saturday and Sunday heading into the city with my parents to look at the Pixar exhibition at ACMI, which looks really good. Also thinking of brekkie in Camberwell, a treat that I haven't had for ages. So although sometimes it can be crappy, it's really all okay and looking good!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Saw this quote from 'Alice in Wonderland' in a mag I was reading and it inspired me to do this. (If you click on the picture you get a better view of the words) Pretty much sums up my ability to make decisions at the moment . . . not sure where I want to go . . . but I'm sure I'm gonna get there!!!!

Must share gross toddler story - Bailey stuck a pea up his nose the other night, hey why not it fits. Today at swimming he sneezed and a piece of corn came out his nose - question is has it been there for two days - ugh!!! I really don't think you can appreciate grossness until you've experienced toddlers.

Postscript has been finished and sent to the printers - yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Of course there's still lots of de-cluttering to do, but drawing for some reason always wins.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Daddy Naught!

Last week Bailey started telling me 'Nathan naught', meaning that Nathan was being naughty, whether he was or not was another matter. By Friday Nathan had started telling me that 'Bailey naught', 'Daddy naught', 'Nani naught' & 'Pa naught' (notice no mummy naught!!). Daddy certainly lived up to his name on Saturday night by deciding that icecream with chocolate frogs was a goer - Daddy very naught!!!! As you can see lots of fun and mess was had - and Daddy was made to clean it all up. We'll forgive him because he's in Perth for four days and not back until Wednesday and we miss him lots.

Today has been a 'go' day, toilets and floors are sparkling, tomorrow I'll do the basins and I have to work up to the showers!! I've almost finished Postscript, which means a huge sigh of relief. Next job is to finish tidying this room so that I can get some serious creating done. I'll post photos when I've finished.

Finally getting a handle on the photo collage in PS. Next job is to learn how to use brushes and maybe even some digi-scrapping kits. Any learning is good learning . . . I love learning!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I drew this lily while having my hair done today at the hairdressers. My sister asked me to do a sympathy card for her and sent me a photo of a lily that she wanted me to draw. It goes with these words . . .

"The tide recedes but leaves bright seashells on the sand.

The sun goes down but leaves its warmth upon the land.

The music stops but lives on in sweet refrain.

For everything that passes something beautiful remains." - Anon

It says it all . . .