Monday, August 6, 2007

Daddy Naught!

Last week Bailey started telling me 'Nathan naught', meaning that Nathan was being naughty, whether he was or not was another matter. By Friday Nathan had started telling me that 'Bailey naught', 'Daddy naught', 'Nani naught' & 'Pa naught' (notice no mummy naught!!). Daddy certainly lived up to his name on Saturday night by deciding that icecream with chocolate frogs was a goer - Daddy very naught!!!! As you can see lots of fun and mess was had - and Daddy was made to clean it all up. We'll forgive him because he's in Perth for four days and not back until Wednesday and we miss him lots.

Today has been a 'go' day, toilets and floors are sparkling, tomorrow I'll do the basins and I have to work up to the showers!! I've almost finished Postscript, which means a huge sigh of relief. Next job is to finish tidying this room so that I can get some serious creating done. I'll post photos when I've finished.

Finally getting a handle on the photo collage in PS. Next job is to learn how to use brushes and maybe even some digi-scrapping kits. Any learning is good learning . . . I love learning!

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