Thursday, October 29, 2009

Three things

The first thing - a card box I made on Sunday to hold the cards I've been making. I had a bit of fun making this box because the measurements I had were in inches and I don't compute inches, I'm a cm and mm girl!! Still trial and error rarely hurts anyone!!

The second thing - a photo board that I did for our niece Ella. I've done a number of these and this time I thought I would construct an overall image, hence the garden. It also gave me the opportunity to use the die-cuts that I bought and thought I would use, but haven't. Lots of fun to make and I think she liked it.

The third thing - this is a fantastic photo (I took it!). It's so hard to get good photos of Bailey and Nathan together, lots of them apart, but mostly they muck around when I try to take them together. This was taken at the park in Healesville on a very beautiful Spring morning. Aren't they cute!

Well that's it, almost time to go and pick up munchkins from kinder - man that time flies!! I'm halfway through embellishing my tri-shutter album (I'm sure this photo will make it into the album), it's a bit fiddly and I think when I work out the embellishments for the other one I'm making I'll make it a bit less fiddly. Enjoy your day. K

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A quickie

A very quick post before Bailey and Nathan go feral on me. It's been over a month since my last post - sorry about that - life just seems to be sooooo busy at the moment, I'm sure you can relate.

This is a frame that my coz Jane embellished for me. It is a quote that she wanted to have in her bathroom to get her started each morning. I did the quote in word and printed it on cardstock. The layout is not perfect and if I did it again I'd do it in calligraphy. Jane did one for herself and then with her spare frame used some of my scrapbooking paper, stamps and inks and embellished one for me.

This is a preliminary sketch for a piece that I want to finish (this seems to be a problem for me at the moment - lots of ideas, little time to implement!!). My plan is to calligraphy words relating to freedom, liberation, etc and have them behind the figure. Still working out how I'm going to do that and when I'll get the time.
Must run boys are getting feral. I promise to post again soon. K