Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting up-to-date

Aren't these two of the most gorgeous boys you've ever seen!! Nuf said.

I did this for my cousin-in-law Jane and I understand it's now hanging in the bathroom. I have an order to do another frangipani tryptych similar to this and I'm also working on a vertical tryptych of a lotus flower. I like the smallness of the canvasses and giving them to my family and friends helps me practise my painting skills. Eventually if I can get a few done in reserve I'd like to try and sell them on ebay or at a market.

Went away recently for a girly weekend with the girls from my playgroup. Two kid-free nights, lots of champagne and food and a good cry!!! A luxurious pedicure ended with some pink toes, that still look good. I love being pampered.

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