Monday, October 1, 2007


This is Daddy 'raaarrrring' the boys Saturday afternoon over the back gate.

Everything is looking green and the clematis is starting to look like a live plant again instead of the dead twig its been looking like for the winter months.

A good weekend was had by all - for those living in a vacuum Geelong thrashed Port Adelaide bt 119 points; Melbourne Storm did the equivalent to Manly in the NRL and Germany beat Brazil in the Fifa Women's World Cup.

Lunch was yummy at Georges in Camberwell and Bailey and Nathan were so very well behaved, which makes it so much easier.

This morning we've had visitors - Jane, Jordan and Mitchell and Lisa, Cooper and Baxter. Lots of fun was had running around the newly mown back lawn, sand has been put everywhere, especially in Bailey's hair, and Nathan's pockets. The boys are now sleeping soundly before wreaking havoc in the backyard again this afternoon.

This picture was taken last Wednesday at De Bortoli Winery in the Yarra Valley for Andrew's birthday, where we had the yummiest lunch. I can certainly recommend the Emeri Sparkling Wine, very yummy. Andrew and I have now discovered this marinated goat's cheese, which is to die for.

I have finally set up a profile on RedBubble, which is something. I haven't uploaded any artwork or worked out any of the details yet, but at least it's a step forward. Baby steps . . . . .

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