Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Wow, I sold some work on Redbubble today. Someone bought ten of these Christmas Cards, I am just so totally blown away and feeling how fantastic it is that someone likes my work enough to buy it. You can check out other work I've loaded to Redbubble here.
I'm on a design blitz at the moment, totally loving that buzz that comes with being in the zone. I've been playing around with making brushes of my own calligraphy in PhotoShop, which is how I did this card. Once I can work out how to save them as an .abr extension I may even consider selling the brushes. I think though that I need a newer version of PhotoShop and that will have to wait until I'm rolling in it.
I've also been playing about with salt, yes salt. I did a wash of watered-down gouche on some hot-pressed Arches and then used the salt grinder to sprinkle salt over the paper. The salt soaks up some of the liquid and creates a really cool texture. I'm currently working on a fairy on this type of background so will post once it has progressed beyond the sketched in stage - which is where it's at now.
Doing Gothizied Italic in calligraphy class this semester, which should flow in really nicely into Christmas as it's a very Christmasy looking script. I've also sussed out Monash for a potential MA in Art & Design - Something related to calligraphy of course. The application needs to be in by the end of October, but haven't had any feedback yet, so let's just wait and see. If it happens that's great, if not there's always something else I can do.
Time for bed.

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