Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It's all getting a bit to scary at the moment. I met with the Snr Lecturer at the Theory of Art and Design faculty at Monash today to discuss my Masters proposal and she's ready, willing and excited about supporting it . . . . at this point, I did think about doing a runner (or in my case a slow jog) from her office . . . but then I told the little voice in my head to bugger off and thought how cool. I still have a slight deer-stuck-in-headlights look about me, but in reality fear isn't a big enough motivator to stop me.

Currently working on my Christmas card design in Marg's class and thought about doing Merry Christmas in Latin until I translated it - Hilaris Sarcologos - just doesn't have the same ring does it. Because Gothicised Italic is so formal I thought a formal look would be appropriate, maybe I need to study some Gothic or Blackletter work to get inspiration. I also thought that watercolour holly and berries with gold lettering was a possibility, but I can't find any decent pictures of holly leaves on Google to use as inspiration.

Twins are currently chucking a feral so this means I'll have to cut this post short.

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