Friday, September 21, 2007

Go Sainters!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it's sad, but true, I am actually displaying something in Black and White colours relating to Collingwood instead of Black, White and Red and relating to St. Kilda. I have the sad misfortune to be married to a Collingwood supporter who as luck would have it scored himself tickets for tonights Preliminary Final. Now in reality I think Geelong will continue their crushing ways and beat the Wobbles, but you can never discount the appearance of a handbag or two.

Sadly, due to a lack of twinsitter availability lucky Mummy will have to watch the game on the box instead of with the other expected 100,000 maniacs at the G, now if this doesn't tell the AFL something then nothing well, because as it stands tonight's game will most likely have more people attending than at the Grand Final - unless by some miracle CWFC wins.

While we're having a sporting blog, well done to the Matildas in drawing 2-2 with Canada and advancing to the Quarter Finals of the FIFA Women's World Cup - they'll now probably play Brazil.

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