Thursday, September 20, 2007

Full Steam Ahead

On Sunday 16th September Andrew and I and the boys and my parents headed to our local train station where a steam train was travelling between Mitcham and Camberwell for the day. I don't know who was more excited, Bailey and Nathan or Andrew! Into Camberwell the train was chockers - much like peak hour - but on the way back to Mitcham it was less crowded meaning we could wander around, look out the windows and enjoy sitting in an old-time cabin. By the end of the trip Andrew had more soot in his hair than the train was giving out, Bailey and Nathan came home and slept for over three hours and a great time was had by all of us. Mum and Dad were so impressed they're off next Thursday from Southern Cross Station to Bacchus Marsh.

This week hasn't been my most favourite of weeks. Nathan has been sick and unable to chew or swallow. Understandably he's been very irritable, unhappy and crying a lot (and I mean a lot!). Today we seem to have turned the corner and he's been happier, eating and drinking without pain so hopefully we'll have a better next few days than the last few were.

My frangipani for Taylah's birthday next week is coming along nicely. It's been sitting on the mantle for the last week so that I could try and work out what I didn't like about it. Yesterday Dad and I discussed it and decided that two of the petals were too big and dominated the rest of the flower. So I'm in the process of tweaking these naughty petals and will hopefully have it finished ready for next will. Will photograph and post so you can tell me what you think.

I've had lots of time to think while I've been nursing Nathan on my knee this week and my mind is buzzing about possibilities. I plan to attend some information nights at Monash Uni to look at the possibility of doing a Post Grad in Art & Design. There are two I'm interested in finding out 'Theory of Art and Design' and 'Design/Multimedia and Digital Arts'. Not sure where this will take me but I'm no hurry to find out.

I'm also thinking about moving Purple Berry Design from the blog to the world and start it as a business. My heart wants to sell my cards, my artwork and my head says that Desk Top Publishing will most likely make more money. So I think I'll just do both and that way I'm more likely to satisfy my conflicting desires. We'll be seeing the accountant next week to discuss implications for tax, etc. This is my chance I think to do what I love doing rather than what I had been doing (Instructional Design) prior to having munchkins. It's starting to take shape in my mind now and I just need a little bit of confidence and a little kick along to move it along further.

Will hopefully post a bit more often now that Nathan is looking better.

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