Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's day and to celebrate I created the scrapbook page on canvas, with a great photo of Andrew with Bailey and Nathan. This will have pride of place at Andrew's desk. The decorated sayings were created by Bailey and Nathan with mummy's help.
It was a good weekend all around. Saturday we caught up with our friend Sonja and saw Die Hard 4. I love Bruce Willis in Die Hard mode. It was soooooo funny, I love that that don't take themselves seriously, and that John McLean has rubber bones and teflon skin!!
Sunday as well as being Father's Day was Lachlan's (son of our friend Megan and Steve) first birthday. A very important birthday to attend. Two hours up to Ballarat, lots of fun for a couple of hours and then two hours back. Bailey and Nathan had lots of fun and lots of cake!! It was a glorious day yesterday and everywhere we looked it was a sea of blue meeting green rolling hills. Ballarat was true to form . . . cold!! But definitely worth the visit.
Been checking out my sister Jenni's photos on this really cool website - Photo of the Day, you can check out her photos here if you like. Another really cool website is redbubble, which is an online gallery of work for sale. I've been thinking of creating an account and uploading some artwork there just to see what happens. Trying to break though some fear barriers that I think are holding me back. Every day I push just a little bit more.
Fantastic week ahead, got the new Oprah mag on Friday and the new CK mag today. That's lots of reading fun to be had in the next few days. The last few issues of Oprah have been tying in with thoughts that have been bouncing around my brain, it's definitely worth subscribing from the US, love it and think Oprah is fanatastic.
I have a tip for all bloggers - don't cook rice while updating your blog! Luckily I remember the rice just in time to save the saucepan and the rice - doh!


one little acorn said...

Redbubble sounds like a great idea. Forget the fear and go for it. You have absolutely nothing to lose. If your calligraphy is anything to go by, I'm sure you would do very well.
Etsy is another option - they have Aussie sellers and a HUGE range of arts and crafts. Take a look...

one little acorn said...

Your link to Redbubble is wrong (.ocm, should be .com) Thought you would like to know...
Cheers, Jacinta