Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's official . . .

I hate Photoshop! All I want to do is a simple photo collage and can I do it . . . no!!! I can create a new canvas, add layers, but can I scale the photo to the size I want . . . you guessed it . . . no!!! I have books on it, I've checked help and still can't work out what I'm doing. So I did what any sane person does, I used Illustrator, which seems to be sooooooooooo much more intuitive than Photoshop.

Bailey and Nathan loved finger painting this morning and did a fantastic canvas painting for Grandma's birthday tomorrow.

Any tips for my photo collage techiniques gratefully accepted.

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Kal said...

You can do both of the options you talked about. Photo collage-wise from Photoshop to InDesign. What I would do - personally - is create exactly what I wanted in Photoshop LEAVE IT AS A PSD with layers intact and transparent background and drop THAT into Indesign where I'd add my text. You can do it either way - they are designed to work both ways. I like Photoshop more than Illustrator so I usually start there and then move as I need to - for text.

Does that help?? I know that Photoshop is totally overwhelming when you start... soon though - you will like it 500% more than Illustrator. I promise.