Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I love my hubbie!!

Just wanted to share this photo with you. Andrew organised all of Bailey and Nathan's cot toys this morning before he went to work. His organisational skills are just amazing aren't they! I should mention that Andrew heads off to work around 7:15am and the reason Bailey and Nathan weren't in their cots is because they were snuggled up to Mummy in our bed - it was very cosy in there this morning.

It's been a fantastic day weatherwise, which means boys outside burning up energy rather than sending me mad inside. Bring on Spring.

Not a lot of calligraphy or artwork being created here at the moment, starting to crank up the next issue of Postscript, the Calligraphy Society's bi-monthly magazine. I'm the Editor, which means lots of work on Photoshop changing images to grayscale and .tif format, and lots of work in InDesign doing the layout of words and images. Now that I've worked out that Cntl-T can be used to scale images in Photoshop, I'm going to try some photo collages. This means not much else will be done until next week. But then given my tendency to practise avoidance behaviour, you just never can tell. It's all good at the moment.


Doris said...

Check out
She has a ton of PS tutorials and photo collages are one of the 'lectures'.

Purple Berries said...

Thanks Doris, I'd forgotten about Spraguelab.