Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ants, Ants, Everywhere Ants!

I'm hearing this to a 60's tune but can't remember the name. You have no idea how much I detest this little critters, and I especially detest them when they are crawling all over the toybox!!!! This meant washing all plastic toys and picking ants of the soft ones - my sink was full of little people! Still on the bright side at least I have now cleaned everything, something I'd been planning to do anyway . . . the universe works in mysterious ways.

I relaxed while Bailey and Nathan had their sleep today and indulged in watching Oprah. Generally I don't have the TV on when they sleep and use the time to clean, cook and create (not necessarily in that order). Again the universe is giving me messages, it was on decluttering your home and how to get rid of things you are hanging onto.

I have boxes of baby clothes and don't know why I'm hanging onto them. I have tidied my scrapbook and art supplies but there is other 'stuff' just hanging around and I have sooooo many clothes that I can't hang anything more in the wardrobe. I keep putting the cleaning off. This is partly because I not a cleaning lover and partly I think because I'm overwhelmed by the mess I have created - stupid really. Today I felt so out of control because all of the toys were across the floor instead of being contained to the toybox. Isn't it ironic that I'm overwhelmed by mess, yet I am naturally messy!

I also realise that my creativity is being stifled by the clutter within which I'm trying to create. Kal today showed the room she is painting and how it is uncluttered and painted every couple of months, wow I am in awe of that type of energy . . .

So, the time has come to unclutter, starting with this room that I am sitting in. Sometimes the universe just needs to give you a little push.

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