Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fly me to the moon . . .

This is my latest piece of artwork, acrylic on canvas. It was done for my friend Lisa's son Cooper who is obsessed with rocketships. I enjoyed painting this and am quite happy with the end result. I'm starting to become more confident in blending with acrylic and playing with the brush to produce different effects. I may not be a master, but Cooper certainly liked it!

Have my knee op tomorrow morning. I'm first on the list, which means Mum has to drive me to the hospital by 6.30am! It's only a small procedure so I should be home early afternoon, hopefully hobbling, but not on crutches.

My next project is a calligraphy piece that has been floating around in my brain. I'm trying to finish each project before starting another one (which means scrapbooking and cardmaking inbetweend). I'm also trying to create just for me, allowing myself to just go with the flow of what I feel like creating. As long as I'm creating something I'm happy.

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