Thursday, January 15, 2009


Since the start of 09 I've been downloading some freebie digital scrapbooking kits so that I could have a play with digital scrapbooking. This page is the first of my plan to document Bailey and Nathan's 10 week journey from hospital to home. I've used most of the papers and embellishments for the Echo's of Asia kit downloaded from Jessica Sprague's website [she is one cool digital scrapbooker!]

My plan is to do one page each for Bailey and Nathan, but I'm trying to work out now how to duplicate this as a right-hand album page. I think it's a matter of hiding some of the images and then playing around with them until it mirrors this page. I did try the obvious flip horizontal but that achieved nothing!

Overall I'm happy with the result. My first try was very boxy and I wanted to try and do the type of layout that I haven't done before. I can always add or delete elements as I wish.

Onto more mundane matters, my knee operation has been postponed a week - apparently the receptionist booking it forgot the Dr was still on holidays - my sister thinks that perhaps he extended his stay once the weather started to improve! Whatever the reason it's another week of sleeping on the couch, which at the moment is the only place where I can get some sort of sleep - otherwise it's a lot of pain and very little sleep, which makes for a very cranky Mummy the next day!!

Now, if a three-year-old calls you fat what do you say?

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