Sunday, February 8, 2009

My heart goes out . . .

. . . to all of those families who have lost loved ones, pets and houses in these most devastating fires. It's almost as if our whole State is on fire. Yesterday was the most horrendous day, almost 47 degrees Celsius (thats 117 F for those reading overseas).

Most of my immediate family lives in high fire risk areas and my sister-in-law had a fire rip past her property in Devon North within 50 metres of the backdoor! Very scary!!! My sister and family are stranded in Eildon as there are fires in Alexandra and most of the roads have been closed. She tells me it's very black and if you go outside you breath smoke. A close friend of hers literally had to run for their lives as the fire came out of nowhere, they have lost everything but thankfully have their lives. DeBortoli Winery where Andrew and I got married has also been wiped out as it was in the same road.

36 lives lost (with it expected to rise) and over 650 homes burnt out. I can't comprehend that someone deliberately lit some of these fires, it's an abominable act.

Temperatures are much cooler now, although strong winds are still feeding the fires that yesterday were separate and have now joined up. Hopefully nature will have mercy on us and bring our CFA firefighters some relief.

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