Thursday, May 7, 2009

Worth holding on . . .

Acrylic paint and ink on canvas paper. Words: Eleanor Roosevelt

Sometimes it's worth holding onto things that you are not happy with when you have finished. This piece is part of a larger piece that I didn't like. Yesterday while searching for some canvas paper for a new project I found it and thought actually I like this little bit, let's cut it out. So I did and this is the result, which I quite like.

With any type of creative endeavour sometimes you need to leave it awhile and come back to. Working on something for so long can skew your perspective.

The collage project that I was working on went in the bin - sometimes you just have to admit defeat!!! But it brought about a host of other ideas, one of which I'm exploring now. That's one of the things I love about the creative process, it's all about experimenting and exploring. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but our failures and mistakes can sometimes blossom into opportunities.

Life has been incredibly hectic around here. Today is the first day I think I've come up for breath! That of course will stop in about ten minutes when I leave to pick up Bailey and Nathan from kinder, then it's come home, get ready for swimming, go swimming, come home, have some lunch, then off to the doctor for four-year-old vaccinations - oh the joy!!!

It's important to realign your perspective, dust yourself off when something doesn't work, and to keep trying, or as Andrew says, 'Keep hanging in there!'

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