Thursday, May 28, 2009


Brush calligraphy: gouache on cartridge paper

I got really excited about this piece in calligraphy class yesterday . . . and then I looked a bit closer and realised that there are a few typo's in there!!! Unfortunately no amount of editing can fix this. Still it was a practice for a layout that I'm working on, which will be done on cold-pressed watercolour paper. I must say that I am loving brush lettering, it has endless possibilities.

I'm working on some cards to post, just to prove that I can stamp! Time and balance are two things I'm working on at the moment. The best time for me to do anything is when the twin munchkins crash and burn at about 7:15pm each night. From about 5 pm onwards it is seriously out of control in this house, trying to get tea made, everyone fed, boys bathed and ready for bed and trying really hard to get some quiet time before bed. Andrew and I have almost given up on this, the boys just go crazy, sumo wrestling, pretending to be dogs - you've got to see Nathan say to Bailey, sit, stay, good boy!! Bailey does it all with his tongue hanging out. It's hard not to laugh, but at the same time by the time they are tucked in bed, Andrew and I literally collapse on the couch in a heap and just the thought of being creative is too much to bear.

I'll work it out, just as I'll work out how to get rid of the sh*t that's currently everywhere in this room I'm typing in. I will win the clutter war!!

Have good day!

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