Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back again

Walnut ink and ruling pen with watercolour on Canson Mi Tientes

Okay so I haven't blogged for quite a while! I've just been out of control, overwhelmed and generally struggling a bit. So, sometimes something has to go, and it this case it was blogging, and art. But I'm starting to get a handle on it again and thought I would post this piece. I scanned it in a while ago and wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but now that I look at it it is quite interesting.

Currently working on a collage of words, paint and found items so will be interesting to see how that works given I haven't done anything like that before. Really what I'm trying to do is combine all of the things that I love and to express how I've been feeling and some of the things that have been floating through my brain.

Also been trying to get up-to-date with my MA thesis, which as of the moment has no words!! Still I have almost finished re-working my plan and hopefully will be cooking with gas from there.

If you have some time today and you're interesting in stamping I recommend that you head over to Jennifer McGuire's blog and check out the videos using Ranger Distress Ink. I found these to be really interesting since I have some of this ink and I've not been sure how to use it effectively. Jennifer is a fantastically creative stamper and card maker and I love checking out here blog on a regular basis. Enjoy!

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