Thursday, May 6, 2010

Clean v Detailed

At the moment I either like to make clean cards with little embellishment, the stamping really speaks for itself or I like to use the stamps to build a scene.

This card is based on a clean & simple fall-to-layout but I can't remember which one. I like the clean lines on this type of card. It is simple but effective. I also love Kraft CS at the moment and find myself reaching for it in preference to coloured CS.

This one is, of course, much more cluttered, but the scene lends it self to lots of layers and shapes. I made this for a friend's 3-year old and I repeated it again for one of my Nathan one of my twins who loves trains. For Bailey I built a space theme, but can't find the card to take a photo (doh!).

I've managed to do a few cards this week and have found going back to basics in my stamping and keeping it simple has helped me to get things going again. I have work next week so I may not be able to make as many cards. I also have several calligraphy projects planned, but just can't find the right time to sit down and do them. Oh, well I'll get there eventually!! Till then . . .

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