Thursday, July 16, 2009

Surrounded by stuff

Pencil on cartridge

I did this last Friday while the boys where being batman - both of them! It's been awhile since I did any drawing and this started out as something very different. I'm thinking of transferring this to a watercolour, but for the moment I'm happy to just sit with it.

I'm trying frantically to push myself to organise and declutter, which is not natural for me. I am literally surrounded by stuff and since my addiction to Stampin' Up began that means more stuff! I also attended a workshop recently and that meant I 'had' to buy some more paper. I think that stuff is taking over my life, but I am trying to control it.

It felt good to draw again and just let the pencil flit across the paper and see what happens. I've felt in a creative rut for quite awhile now, lots of ideas but no motivation to follow through on them, it's been frustrating and I've spent a lot of time looking at other peoples' art, which can be both inspiring and frustrating. On top of this I've been working, which if I had my way I wouldn't, but reality bites! I've been loving the research aspect of my MA, it's been cool finding new information, translating stuff from German, but now the reality of that has sunk in, I must do some actual writing on my thesis. The words sound fantastic in my brain, but not so good when added to paper - if only there was a way of plugging a USB into my brain and downloading my thoughts!

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