Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

Christmas cards are fun for calligraphers. Every year in my calligraphy class we try to come up with a new and innovative card. This year I'd seen a Rudolph stamp and thought I would try and draw it, which worked and the rest of the card just evolved (such is the creative process. It's printed on tracing paper (or as the scrapbooking industry insists on calling it - vellum!) I hope all who received one enjoyed it, because it was fun to make.

This is to appease certain people (Margaret) who think I don't put enough photos on my blog. Admitedly I take lots, so it's not like I don't have plenty to choose from. This one was taken about 6 weeks ago at playgroup. Unfortunately I must have had a very senior moment and haven't downloaded the files from my camera to my computer. Luckily, I had printed some and was able to scan this in. We even got this printed on a 12x12 canvas, which looks excellent.

I think that I am almost ready for Christmas, all presents have been bought, Christmas cards sent, almost finished making Christmas tags and some of the pressies have been wrapped. I haven't made any gourmet goodies this year. I really want to try turkish delight, but I've been really unsuccessful in finding rosewater (any ideas?)

Well, it's time for the Amazing Race finale and for me to sit down with some chocky and a milor and relax. Will hopefully be able to post some pics from the Wiggles concert last Sunday, which was loads of fun! Enjoy your weekend.

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