Sunday, December 9, 2007


My goal is to blog a bit more often, but usually it's when I have the time and something to say. Can't be banal now can we!! Here is a second scary tiger, the Nathan 'raaaaar' tiger. Nathan was happy to sit for the face painter at our recent playgroup Christmas party. Bailey this time wasn't interested.

Bailey was very funny with Santa. He tells me often that 'Santa's coming', but he wouldn't sit on Santa's knee for anyone. But, he kept coming back to check out if Santas was still there, every couple of minutes or so, just to be sure.

Nathan was more than happy to sit on Santa's knee and get a lolly bag. Although neither Bailey or Nathan show any interest in lollies, Bailey refusing them and Nathan spitting them out. Let's hope that continues!!

Decluttering continues, and every time I think I've won the war more clutter appears. Having such a small house with not much storage means that things just seem to sit around until I can find a home. Then I want to use them again and so the process continues.

I did this canvas on Friday night at my friend Lisa's place. Scrapbooking of any variety is soooooo much better when you do it with friends. You can bounce ideas of them, copy their ideas, and generally talk the house down. And as a bonus it's kidfree!!!!

I'm hoping to do more scrapbooking next year than this year, but what with editing Postscript, trying to sell some of my cards, exercising three days a week . . . oh and looking after two almost three year olds, I'm not sure I'll have the time. Add to this my Masters, which I have been accepted into and all in all 2008 is looking crazier than 2007. Still it's better to be excessively busy than excessively bored.

Aren't these cute, I found them at a stall at Berwick market weeks ago. They are our Christmas tags for all kidlets receiving pressies this year. They are made of balsa wood and I've coloured the red in using texta and then added some Kindyglitz for some Christmas sparkle.

Time to make tea.

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