Monday, July 26, 2010

Some busy cards

I have decided, at least for the moment, to continue blogging even if it means I'm unlikely to get any comments - sigh! - I admit I'm jealous of people who have lots of comments.

Although the info on the side-bar says I'm a calligrapher and mixed media artist, but at the moment I don't seem to have the capacity to do much. Twin boys who at the moment are seriously pushing the boundaries leave me tired and with very little capacity for creativity. Add to this a 40,000 word thesis that is going along at a snail's pace and I'm thankful for stamping and card making. I can finish a card in 30 minutes and feel like I have achieved something creative and that makes me very happy. So to some cards.

This first one is a bit of a departure from my normal style, but that's okay. The style is a case from Kristina Werner (one of my fav cardmakers) and although I'm not unhappy with it, it's a bit busier than I normally like.

The second one is also a case from an SU demonstrator Sue Rowe, although she used ovals and circle and I have used a sizzix tag-die. Either way it's a cute card.

I hope you like these cards and I hope that I get at least one comment. Till next time . . .


9 2 midnight said...

love these cute purses :) very creative

shell said...

I too loose my mojo on a regular basis and life is ALWAYS busy. I don't write on my blog for the comments some people may or may not leave, I write there because I get personal satisfaction to see my work on the www and to know that other people can see what I love doing. Please don't feel disheartened enough to stop blogging. I only stumbled on you blog this morning and I'll be returning. I may not comment on every post but please know that I love you work as I am sure many others do! Good luck with the kiddies, they'll grow up soon enough! LOL