Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sunny days

Although they received trikes for Christmas Bailey and Nathan still prefer to hoon around on their ride-on BMWs. It never ceases to amaze me how much they like to be right next to each other. This is especially true now the our resident escapologist aka Nathan can get out of his cot. Where does he go, into Bailey's cot. Sounds cute, looks cute, but it's getting a bit dangerous so the the cots are being dismantle this weekend. Until their new beds arrive Bailey and Nathan will be 'sleeping' in Daddy's old king-single bed.
'Sleeping' because not much of that has been happening. After two days of no afternoon nap, and not getting to sleep until 9:30pm, Bailey felt the effect and fell asleep over his fish fingers last night. Nathan, well he's like the energiser bunny, he just never slows down.
My goal each day is to tire them out, but with these extreme weather days we've been spending a lot of time inside with the evaporative cooling. This tests my patience, especially since I no longer seem to have the sleep time to recover my energy. Consequently I've been a bit testy (if you as Andrew he might suggest I've been A LOT TESTY, or even downright CRANKY). Still I'm getting used to the new routine and I'm trying to let the boys have some independence. Still that meant Nathan climbing onto the bathroom vanity with Daddy's shaver while I was changing Bailey's nappy, and Nathan (notice the theme), climbing onto the mantlepiece to get the photo frames for Bailey while I was in the loo! Ahhh the life of a mother of a climber.
Still I just have to remember to put it all in perspective. At least I don't have triplets!!!! While my sense of humour sometimes takes a leave pass, I try my best to not let it all get to me.
PS sorry about the lack of spacing, blogger doesn't want to include the spacing I've put in and the editor in me hates it.

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