Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sleepy tiger and boys on the run

This is our scary sleepy tiger. Last Saturday while shopping there was a face painter at the chemist. Nathan would not have a bar of the poor lady, she only managed to put some glitter paint on his forearms. He wouldn't even be up for twinkle twinkle! To be fair he wasn't very well and had a runny nose, so it was probably a good thing. Bailey was definitely up for being a scary tiger and Andrew had sooooooooo much fun teaching him to 'raaaarrrrrr' and bare his teeth. By the time we got home (where the camera was) Bailey had become a sleepy tiger. He could barely keep his eyes open for this picture and then it was straight into bed, sheets to be washed later.

Later the same day . . . . . .

Sometimes the skills your children learn aren't necessarily the ones that you want. Bailey was determined to go for a walk Saturday afternoon, and decided to open the gate himself, with Nathan not too far behind. Now while I can applaud the skills and determination needed to get the gate open, I'm not too thrilled about the potential for escapades near the road. Time for some Bailey-proof locks I think.
Its' been a hectic week and I've barely had time to think. Andrew and I are off to Daylesford this weekend, staying in an 1860's townhouse B&B, with a spa bath and huge shower. Saturday night will be a relaxing and child free dinner and Sunday a sleep in past 7am!!!! Can't wait. Have charged the batteries on the camera and I'm raring to go. Hope yours is as enjoyable.

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